Saturday, July 16, 2011

PELNI routes map-Sangiang ship

PELNI routes map-Sangiang ship

Sangiang ship

Sangiang ship is owned fleet of passenger shipping company in Indonesia, or commonly referred to PELNI, to serve the shipping routes connecting the islands of Java, Sulawesi islands, an islands in North Maluku and islands in North Sulawesi.

PELNI-Sangiang ship route from/to : Sanana port |Ternate port|Bitung port|Siau port|Tahuna port|Marore port|Lirung port|Karatung port|Miangas port|Tobelo port|Buli port|Gebe port|Ternate port|Bitung port|Banggai port|Bau-Bau port|Makassar port|Surabaya port

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