Saturday, July 16, 2011

Indonesia Airlines

Indonesia airlines logo

There are several airlines that have a base in Indonesia. We will provide information on the airline to you.

Garuda Indonesia
Garuda Indonesia is the largest airline in Indonesia. Most of the stock of government-owned airline of Indonesia. All provincial capital in Indonesia became the route of flight airline Garuda Indonesia, including other major cities in Indonesia. Not only that, the airline Garuda Indonesia also has international flight routes, to various cities in the world.

Garuda Indonesia routes map

Merpati Airlines
It is also government-owned airline of Indonesia. There are different airline Garuda Indonesia, Merpati Nusantara Airlines airlines focus more on its routes to the area is difficult in Indonesia.

Merpati Airlines routes map

Citilink Airlines
Citilink Airlines is a subsidiary of Garuda Indonesia. The new airline has a route destination to several major cities. However, these airlines offer cheap fares but the service standards of Garuda Indonesia.

Citilink Airlines routes map

Lion Airlines
Lion Airlines is a private airline that offers cheap fares. Lion Airlines flight routes to almost all provincial capitals in Indonesia. Lion Airlines fleet is equipped with the presence of next-generation Boeing 737. Not only domestic flight routes, the airline also has an international flight routes.

Lion Airlines routes map

Sriwijaya Airlines
Sriwijaya Airlines is an airline that offers cheap fares for all flights. Sriwijaya Airlines fleet of more or dominated by the Boeing 737-400.

Sriwijaya Airlines routes map

Batavia Airlines
It is also one of the airlines that offer cheap rates. Competitors from the airlines are Lion Airlines and Sriwijaya Airlines, which also offers economical fares.

Batavia Airlines routes map

Susi Airlines
Susi Airlines routes map

Riau Airlines

Riau Airlines routes map

Trigana Airlines

Trigana Airlines routes map

Transnusa Airlines routes map

Airfast Indonesia

Airfast Indonesia routes map

Kalstar Aviation
Kalstar Aviation routes map

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